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Image by Omar Lopez

First Generation

Balancing Two Worlds

First-generation adults are those whose parents were born outside the U.S. There are varying degrees of struggles when you are of first generation. Here are some of the common ones:  You notice the constant pressure and balancing act of constantly giving to your family and having little time for yourself. You've heard of the self-sacrifices your family has made to give you a better life and you fear failure or being a disappointment  Boundaries do not exist and when you have a different opinion it may be seen as disrespectful or you end up feeling guilty. You may end up bottling things up and perhaps feel on edge. Negative or traumatic experiences can be swept under the rug and not spoken about.  

If this sounds familiar and you would like to speak to a therapist who has been there and who understands you without judgement, to help you navigate the layers of being first generation while still affirming your own identities and values, I invite you to reach out.

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